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"Coffee Time" with Joe Kenney

"Coffee Time" is a weekday public affairs radio talk show on AM 1330 KOVE 107.7 FM. The show is live Monday through Friday at 9:30 am and generally lasts for half an hour. Station owner Joe Kenney is your host for this program where many topics are discussed from local events and happenings to what is going on in local government plus a lot more. Shows are recorded and the most recent show is posted below. Older shows are archived and can be found on Wyo10's SoundCloud website.


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Join host Joe Kenney the week April 22nd with his special Coffee Time guests. So far, these are the people we have booked as guests:

Monday April 23rd, Stacey Strasser and Melinda Cox will be in to talk about the Unaccompanied Student Initiative.  

Tuesday ​ April 24th, Joe's special guest will be Fremont County Emergency Management Flood Potential coordinator Kathi Metzler.  

Wednesday the 25th Joe will be welcoming Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen to Coffee Time.  

Thursday April 26th, Rene Schell will be in from the Lander office of the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.  

Friday  the 27th we will be joined by Fremont County School District #25 (Riverton) Superintendent Terry Snyder. 

Do you have questions for any of our guests? Questions and comments can be submitted by using the form below!

Comedian and Entertainer Red Skelton

gives us this award winning rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance. So profound in its simplicity, it was entered into Congressional Record to be preserved for all time.

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