We are the Level 1 EAS (Emergency Alert System) radio stations for Fremont County. We take community preparedness and community service seriously. Every year we are available for disseminating important public service information to the residents of our communities. Annually, thousands of dollars worth of advertising are provided without cost for local service organizations, non-profit and volunteer groups, military veteran's organizations and other worthy causes.

The “Coffee Time” program Monday through Friday at 9:30 is extremely popular and has featured interviews with every one from vice president Dick Cheney, to his daughter and current Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney, to former United States Air Force general officer and record-setting test pilot Chuck Yeager, to local Girl Scouts selling cookies.



The Voice

of KOVE, it's


FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, please contact Maralyne Middour at Fremont Broadcasting, 1530 Main Street, Lander, WY 82520, phone (307) 332-5683, for assistance accessing Public Files.

Coffee Time with Joe Kenney - Weekdays at 9:30 am

KOVE Radio - A True Wyoming Original 

One of Wyoming’s first radio stations, KOVE signed on in 1948, and we are just now starting our 70th year of service to Lander and Fremont County.  It was a really big deal back in 1948 when the governor Lester Hunt came to Lander to “officially” turn the radio station on. Lander’s airport “Hunt Field” was named so in his honor and Governor Hunt has been the only governor ever elected from Lander

Edward J. Breece, who also owned the Lander Journal newspaper at the time, started KOVE radio station.  Mr. Breece served several terms in the Wyoming House of Representatives.  His son, Dan Breece, operated the station until 1973 when Joe and Andrea Kenney became partners with him. In 1975 the company signed on the first FM radio station in Fremont County, KDLY.  And, in 2000, Joe and Andrea Kenney bought Dan out and they have operated the stations ever since.

Lander is known for it's stellar 4th of July Parade and every year the parade is broadcast live on KOVE radio. 2017 marked the very first year that listeners all around the globe could listen to Joe & Andrea's vivid narration from near of far with just a computer, phone or other mobile device.


It's Free!

KOVE is a Fox News affiliate and has been since the first day Fox News Radio signed on.

In addition to Fox News we also Feature Fox Business Reports several times a day and social commentary from conservative correspondent Todd Starnes three times a day, also from the Fox News Network.

KOVE broadcasts Lander Tiger Football, Tiger Boys and Girls Basketball, Wyoming Cowboys football, Men’s and Women’s basketball, and the Denver Broncos. 2017 marked the first year that grandparents wintering in Florida could listen in to the Tiger Football games via the live streaming.

KOVE has local and state newscasts daily at 6:30, 7:06, and 7:50 a.m. and 12:10 and 5:05 p.m. Daily special features programming includes livestock market reports from veteran agriculture correspondent Evan Slack at 6:20, 6:40, 12:20 to 12:35 Monday through Friday. The Daily Reservation News is at 8:10 followed by the Community Bulletin Board at 8:25 and the popular “Birthday Show” at 8:30.

Meet KOVE's Don Cooper

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In addition to the traditional ‘terrestrial’ radio broadcast over the airwaves, KOVE offers free online streaming link from the linkslocated within this website. "Please check our other website pages where you'll find local news stories and links for Fox News, links for the most recent and archived “Coffee Time” programs, Fremont County obituaries, local weather, road & travel information plus a weekly calendar of county-wide event schedules and other valuable information all available 24 hours a day.

Don B i o g r a p h y

My first influence was my dad Joe Cooper who played guitar and sang for the Full House and the Carl Smith Band.

When I was 14 my cousin Dan Fine taught me to play bass and guitar.

in the 1970s I listened to a lot of heavy blues and rock groups like
Johnny Winter , Frank Marino and mahogany rush , Johnny Devol ( Culprit ) , Robin Trower , Randy Hanson , and Jimi Hendrix.

in 1975 i met Randy Thackeray who even though i had this huge gretsch guitar, he let me come jam with him
and a drummer and taught me to play most of the rush 2112 album . and was a huge influence on my guitar playing .

1977 - 1980 - i joined the U.S. NAVY

After moving back to washington .. I met Jon Memelo who taught me lots of diffrent scales on the guitar and was another major influence on my playing.

In 1981 i met Eddie Jackson of Queensryche .. he taught me how to play neon knights and the mob rules by Black Sabbath

IN 1985 I was a founding member of the band Hammer Head from 
Bellingham Wa. we later moved to Tacoma Wa.

1990-1992 I played guitar for Corrupt.

1992-1994 i played bass for Lifeblood from Bellingham Wa,

from 1997 - 2001 I played Guitar for The People.
We opened for Roger Fisher a couple of times
@ the Greenstock music festival . 98 - 99 .

April 8 2000 , I married Dona Keffer in Edmonds Wa.

2001 I found out i have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 
did Chemotherapy for 4 years

In 2004 I was CEO of Poolhouse Records.

In 2005 I recorded Donthemadness/Heart still burns. with Rich Tresner .

in 2006 I moved to Wyoming and joined the band Coupe de Ville.

in 2012 I joined the band Roadhouse we played 4 shows.

in 2013 I was the Lead Guitarist and Vocalist for the Delta Hazz ( Haze) Blues Band.

in 2014 - i played guitar for A Pound Foolish from Riverton Wyoming.

2015 - Lead guitar and vocals for .... 307 Rebels

2017- Lead Guitar and vocals for Coupe de Ville

I am the morning DJ at 1330 KOVE - AM
AND 107.7 FM in Lander Wyoming.Wyoming.


"You're in 1330 Country!"