The Voice

of KOVE, it's


Don B i o g r a p h y

My first influence was my dad Joe Cooper who played guitar and sang for the Full House and the Carl Smith Band.

When I was 14 my cousin Dan Fine taught me to play bass and guitar.

in the 1970s I listened to a lot of heavy blues and rock groups like
Johnny Winter , Frank Marino and mahogany rush , Johnny Devol ( Culprit ) , Robin Trower , Randy Hanson , and Jimi Hendrix.

in 1975 i met Randy Thackeray who even though i had this huge gretsch guitar, he let me come jam with him
and a drummer and taught me to play most of the rush 2112 album . and was a huge influence on my guitar playing .

1977 - 1980 - i joined the U.S. NAVY

After moving back to washington .. I met Jon Memelo who taught me lots of diffrent scales on the guitar and was another major influence on my playing.

In 1981 i met Eddie Jackson of Queensryche .. he taught me how to play neon knights and the mob rules by Black Sabbath

IN 1985 I was a founding member of the band Hammer Head from 
Bellingham Wa. we later moved to Tacoma Wa.

1990-1992 I played guitar for Corrupt.

1992-1994 i played bass for Lifeblood from Bellingham Wa,

from 1997 - 2001 I played Guitar for The People.
We opened for Roger Fisher a couple of times
@ the Greenstock music festival . 98 - 99 .

April 8 2000 , I married Dona Keffer in Edmonds Wa.

2001 I found out i have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 
did Chemotherapy for 4 years

In 2004 I was CEO of Poolhouse Records.

In 2005 I recorded Donthemadness/Heart still burns. with Rich Tresner .

in 2006 I moved to Wyoming and joined the band Coupe de Ville.

in 2012 I joined the band Roadhouse we played 4 shows.

in 2013 I was the Lead Guitarist and Vocalist for the Delta Hazz ( Haze) Blues Band.

in 2014 - i played guitar for A Pound Foolish from Riverton Wyoming.

2015 - Lead guitar and vocals for .... 307 Rebels

2017- Lead Guitar and vocals for Coupe de Ville

I am the morning DJ at 1330 KOVE - AM
AND 107.7 FM in Lander Wyoming.Wyoming.