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Loop road opens on South Pass

(LANDER, Wyo.)  The Loop Road (FSR 300) also known as the Louis Lake Road, will open from South Pass to the Louis Lake Campground today (Friday).

Please heed all posted warning signs.  Caution should be used for travel on the motorized system as many area’s are still very wet and soft.

Snow levels on the middle portion of the Loop road are still too deep to open the road.


Riverton man changed plea to guilty

(LANDER, Wyo.)  27 year old Florin Brandon Wyatt of Riverton appeared in District Court yesterday (Thursday) for a change of plea to guilty.

Wyatt killed Riverton Resident Keith Stephenson on or about March 2nd (2017) at Stephenson’s home in Riverton.

Wyatt testified yesterday that he was mad at Stephenson for kicking him out of the house they shared together.  Wyatt said in the early morning hours, he attacked Stephenson as he came out of his bedroom with a claw hammer, hitting him over and over again on Stephenson’s head.  Then he said he drug Stephenson’s body into an attached garage then shot him.  Afterwards he stole various items and fled in Stephenson’s vehicle. 

Wyatt was apprehended miles away in Wyoming the same day, at which time he confessed to killing Stephenson.

Wyatt had initially pleaded not guilty to 1st degree murder and felony theft.  Yesterday he pleaded guilty to both charges that together could send him to prison for life.

Judge Young will sentence him at a later date.


US officials to lift Yellowstone grizzly bear protections

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — U.S. government officials say grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park region are no longer threatened, and that they will lift protections that have been in place for more than 40 years.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Thursday that the recovery of Yellowstone's grizzlies is one of the nation's great conservation success stories.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will turn over grizzly bear management to Montana, Idaho and Wyoming by late July. The states plan to allow limited bear hunts outside park boundaries.

The ruling does not affect threatened grizzlies living in other areas of northwestern Montana and northern Idaho.

Grizzlies have been listed as a threatened species since 1975 when just 136 bears roamed in and around Yellowstone.

There are now more than 700 grizzlies in the Yellowstone region.


Flooding along Bighorn River in north-central Wyoming

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Flooding because of melting mountain snow now includes the Bighorn River in north-central Wyoming.

A flood warning has been posted until midmorning Saturday for the Bighorn and Greybull rivers. Log jamming is contributing to high water on the Greybull River.

The Bighorn River at Worland is expected to fluctuate between 11.2 and 11.5 feet. Flood stage is 10.5 feet.

Flood warnings remain in effect through early Saturday afternoon for the Wind River around Dubois and Riverton in central Wyoming.

In southwest Wyoming, flooding continues along the Green River from the confluence with the New Fork River to Fontenelle Reservoir.

And a flood warning is in effect until Saturday morning for Pine Creek, which runs through Pinedale in Sublette County.

Low-land flooding is expected from the high rivers.


Wyoming brothers in jail accused in altercation

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Two brothers who are inmates in the same Wyoming jail are facing charges in an altercation with another inmate.

The Laramie County District Attorney's Office charged 28-year-old Victor E. Jackson on Monday with one count of attempted first-degree murder for trying to strangle another inmate. He was in jail awaiting trial on other charges.

Jackson's brother, 29-year-old Duane L. Jackson, is charged with aiding and abetting his brother in the jail incident.

Charging documents accuse Duane Jackson of blocking other inmates from stopping his brother.

Duane Jackson is in the jail awaiting sentencing on a first-degree sexual abuse of a minor conviction.

Victor Jackson's attorney declined comment. Duane Jackson's attorney couldn't immediately be reached for comment Thursday.


Wyoming senators note GOP proposed health changes

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming Republican U.S. Sen. John Barrasso says the GOP health care proposal isn't perfect but is a vast improvement over the current law enacted by President Barack Obama and Democrats.

Barrasso says after seven years of disruption and disappointment under the Affordable Care Act, it's urgent to enact a new law that puts patients first and begins to stabilize insurance markets that teeter on the verge of collapse.

Fellow Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi says the Republican plan focuses on tackling skyrocketing premiums while stabilizing the collapsing insurance markets and fixing the challenges facing Medicaid.

Enzi says it also frees the American people from purchasing insurance they either did not want or could not afford.

Lander Police Calls from 6/22/2017

8:30am - Somebody on Adams St. called the cops because they saw somebody walking down the alley.

9:08am -  A vehicle missing its back left tire was towed from the 100 blk of Main.

9:23am – Officers did a civil standby at a residence in the 900 blk of Garfield.

9:26am -  Received a complaint of a neighbor dumpster diving in the 900 blk of Main.  Officers made contact and warned them to stop it.

9:40am -  Officers stood by while a landlord cleaned out a residence on Garfield St.

10:05am -  A found dog on Smith St. was impounded.

10:29am -  It was reported the a dog was inside a car on Buena Vista.  Officers said everything was ok.

12:25pm -  Officers returned a forgotten phone at ACE Hardware to its owner.

12:34pm -  A resident in the 400 blk of Jefferson St. complained that a neighbor was putting dog waste in the street.  Officers made contact with the person and told them to knock it off.

2:30pm -  Somebody found a dog on Smith St.  No report.

3:45pm -  Celena Marie Aragon, 25 of Fort Washakie was arrested on a warrant.

6:11pm -  A family argument over a bicycle at a residence on N. 6th.  Officers said the family worked it out.

7:35 -  A resident on Mt. Arder Loop called because the drainage ditch was overflowing.  Officers found a board in the ditch, removed it, and all is fine now.

7:36pm -  A man on Main kept jumping in front of cars waving his arms.  Officers told him to knock it off!

7:51pm -  An ambulance was called to a residence in the 300 blk of Bellvue.

8:50pm -  A resident on Washakie said 5 kids were in his back yard playing in his tree house.  They left before officers arrived.  UTL.

9:07pm -  A wallet was reported stolen from an employee locker at Safeway.  Officers are reviewing video.

9:20pm -  A dog was reported to be barking from a parked horse trailer in the 400 block of Bellvue.  Officers said the dog had a blanket and water, however they are searching for the owner to follow up.

9:30pm -  A fight was reported at the soft ball fields.  A 12, 13, and 16 year old girls were all cited for simple assault.

10:15pm -  Somebody called from their vehicle and said they are running stop signs and speeding inside city limits because they are being pursued.  Officers made contact, couldn’t find any chase vehicle, and warned the reporting party to obey traffic laws.

12:42am -  A roommate at a residence in the 200 blk of N. 4st called and said their roommate was harassing them.  They were advised to contact their landlord.

3:40am – A resident in the 200 blk of Washington complained of a dog barking from a nearby residence for the last several hours.  Officers made contact with the owner and told them to stop their dog from barking. 


Fremont County Sheriff Calls from 6/22/2017

9:47am -  A suspicious vehicle was reported on Spire Dr. near Lander.

9:51am -  Riverton Fire responded to a vehicle, structure and grass fire at 15 Charbonneau Dr.

4:17pm -  21 year old James Jaramillo was arrested on a warrant.

5:29pm – The Wind River Police and Riverton Fire responded to a structure fire at 1413 Cowboy Lane.

6:47pm -  It was reported that a family member stole some items.  Deputies said it was a civil issue.

6:52pm -  A car ran a yield sign at E. 3rd and Indiana Ave. in Hudson and hit another car.  Driver was issued a citation for failure to yield.

7:25pm -  It was reported that a white pick up was driving recklessly on Sunnyside Ave.  UTL.

9:32pm -  A semi caught fire on Hwy 28 MP 66 near Lander and was catching the grass on fire.  Lander Rural Fire responded.  The Hwy required cleanup which caused delays into Friday morning.

12:16am -  A family member was drunk and causing problems at an address on E. Monroe.

Fremont County Ambulance were called 14 times.

The Fremont County Coroner responded to a cardiac arrest at an address on Hwy 137.

Lander Rural Fire responded once to the fire on Hwy 28.

Lander Volunteer responded to one fire at 1038 Gabel at 7:40pm

Riverton Fire responded to a fire on Charbonneau and twice to a fire on Cowboy lane.




Travis Becker (Chairman), Larry Allen (Vice-Chairman), Ray Price, Jennifer McCarty and Clarence Thomas

JUNE 27, 2017 


9:00 A.M.:             

A.            CALL TO ORDER

B.             QUORUM PRESENT


D.            OPENING PRAYER





I.              SIGNATURE FILE

J.              COMMUNICATIONS 




 9:30 A.M.:             BUDGET WORK SESSION 

10:20 A.M.         BREAK 



11:50 A.M.:           CARLA CROFTS (MUSEUM BOARD) 

12:00 P.M.:           LUNCH







 2:20 P.M.:            PAULA SHANKLE (LIBRARY BOARD)                                               






PROTOCOL REMINDERS:  Silence cell phones – Address the Chairman – State your name for the record.


Wyoming grizzly bear seen with trap on paw

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — A grizzly bear spotted three weeks ago in Wyoming with an animal trap clamped onto its front paw has wildlife advocates concerned.

The grizzly in the grip of the steel spring-loaded trap was seen in late May traversing a large snowfield in Teton County.

The Humane Society of the United States and Jackson-based Wyoming Untrapped are asking wildlife managers to find and treat the bear and also investigate the trapping incident. It's illegal to trap grizzly bears.

Wyoming Game and Fish large carnivore manager Dan Thompson said agency personnel have spent many hours searching for the bear since the day it was spotted.

Thompson says it's possible the bear was able to remove the trap on its own.


Cheyenne man dies in crash near Laramie

(LANDER, Wyo.)  On June 20th, (2017_, Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers responded to a one vehicle rollover at 12:01 a.m. on Interstate 80 (at milepost 316.5) near Laramie.  

The 2002 Ford Explorer was estimated to be traveling at a speed in excess of 90 mph when the vehicle drifted to the right and exited the highway into the ditch. The driver of the vehicle abruptly steered the vehicle to the left and the vehicle then entered into the median area of the highway. The Ford Explorer rolled several times in the median and came to rest on the roof. 

The driver, 20 year old Jesse Rigdon of Cheyenne, was pronounced deceased at the scene. Rigdon was wearing his seat belt at the time of the crash.  

Speed and driver fatigue have been listed as contributing factors in the crash.


Lander city water users asked to conserve water use

(LANDER, Wyo.)  The City of Lander has water restrictions in place until further notice.

The action comes as the result of flood waters that have carried debris that have clogged the intake pipes at the water treatment facility.

The city is restricting water use to include no lawn watering, and keeping all water use to a minimum until further notice.


Clean out those garages: Hazardous Waste Disposal Day coming in July

(LANDER, Wyo.)  The 2017 Household Hazardous Waste and Chemical Clean Up Day is coming on Saturday July 15th at the Lander Landfill.  This annual event allows residents to clean out their basements, garages and barns with unwanted chemicals.  The event begins at 9:30 a.m. and continues through 4 p.m.

“We want to keep these unwanted materials out of the landfill, and this event accomplishes this,” said Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District Superintendent Andy Frey.

Acceptable Household Hazardous Waste includes aerosols, lithium batteries, and paint and chemicals include old oil and fuel, Freon, solvents, and pesticides.  Have something you don’t know what it is? Bring it to the event and it will be sampled.

This is a free event for Fremont County residents.


Registered sex offender pleads not guilty to sex crime

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A registered sex offender has pleaded not guilty to six counts of sexual abuse of a minor in Wyoming.

49-year-old Roney McClintock of Cheyenne was charged with sexually abusing a minor between January 2011 and December 2012.

Police say a woman accused McClintock in October of sexually assaulting her daughter several times while he took care of her.

According to charging documents, McClintock has a previous conviction for second-degree sexual assault of child in Nebraska. He could face a sentence of life in prison without parole if convicted.

Laramie County court documents say since McClintock waived his right to a preliminary hearing, his case will be sent straight to district court for trial.


Residents oppose plan to offer seaplane tours of Yellowstone

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — Residents outside Yellowstone National Park are opposing plans to start seaplane tours of the park and surrounding area this summer.

Yellowstone Seaplanes has applied for a permit to operate from Montana's Hebgen Lake just outside Yellowstone's western boundary.

Gallatin County planner Megan Gibson said her department has received about 140 letters in opposition.

Lynda Caine, the owner of the fly fishing lodge Firehole Ranch, is one of the lake's residents who is against the plan. She says people who are fishing don't want to be buzzed by a sea plane.

Yellowstone Seaplanes' website advertises half-hour to two-hour tours to begin this summer. It would operate from an existing marina.

Gallatin County commissioners will take up the application Thursday in West Yellowstone.

Lander Police Calls from 6/21/2017

7:52am Somebody found a brief case.  It was returned to its owner.

9:17am -  Somebody took a set of keys from a vehicle parked in the 100 block of Main St. 

10:31am -  Somebody in the 400 blk of Washington St. is not happy a rooster has been crowing since 3am.

1pm -  Somebody lost a wallet in the 300 blk of Main.

1:05pm  A dog was reported to be inside a hot car at the community Center.  Officers said everything was ok.

1:47pm  Somebody saw a child that was not in a car seat.  Officers contacted and all was ok.

2:25pm  A REDDI was reported on S. 9th.

3:47pm  Fraud was reported on a debit card.  Under investigation.

4:34pm -  38 Stephen Green was cited for unsafe backing in the Wild Iris partking lot and he backed into another car.

6:35pm -  A dog was found and impounded.

7:30pm – A Welfare check was performed on S. 6th St.

7:35pm -  Somebody saw 4 or 5 kids skateboarding on a roof on S. 2nd.  Officers later found skateboarders on the street and warned them.

8:30pm  A REDDI was reported on a grey truck on Hwy 287.

8:32pm  20 year old Greg Wheeler of Ethete was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

11pm -  Officers had to tell several people at a residence on Garfield st. to stop fighting.  (verbal).

1:06am -  An ambulance was called to the 1000 block of 11th st.

1:39am -  24 year old Derek Blackburn of Ethete was arrested for public intoxication behind the FBI office.


Fremont County Sheriff Calls from 6/21/2017

Arrests:  Autumn Behan, 26 of Kinner – D.U.I.  D.U.S. no interlock.

Daniel Brunty, 31 of Lander – probation revocation.


8:38am -  Somebody found a hat and reported that somebody threw up at the Dubois Vision Center.

9:10am   Trespassers were reported on Rendezvous Road in a field.

12pm -  A woman called and said her boyfriend is being mean and he was drunk, from a residence near Riverton.

2:20pm -  An accident was reported on Washington Ave. in Riverton.  Man said his accelerator stuck, ran through a fence.  His hand was bleeding.

4:33pm -  A resident in the Riverton area called and said they bought an I Pad off County 10 a year and a half ago, and now believe it was stolen.

6:52pm -  A Swine at large was reported on 8 mile road.

8:54pm  Heather Antunez was arrested on an outstanding warrant on Honor Farm Rd.

2am -  A resident from Cozy Ct. in Riverton reported somebody sneaking around outside their home.

Lander Rural Fire was called to an accident at 6:20am on Hwy 287

Fremont County Ambulance was called 18 times.

Camp Guernsey two-week home for 1,000+ WyoGuard soldiers 

CAMP GUERNSEY JOINT TRAINING CENTER, Wyo. - It was a busy few weeks this June at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center and for most of the Wyoming Army National Guard's soldiers as they bivouacked, maneuvered and communicated throughout the almost 80,000-acre facility polishing their warfighting skills. 

Implementing traditional and new communications technology was at the top of the to-do list for the 115th Field Artillery Brigade, which fielded the Command Post of the Future on the JTC's South Training Area to successfully complete the Mission Command Systems Integration Exercise. Sharing the Grey Rocks training area was the 148th Signal Company and the 960th Brigade Support Battalion, both of which added communications and logistics support. 

Up north, the headquarters and alpha and bravo batteries of 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery maneuvered High Mobility Artillery Rocket System launchers and support vehicles throughout the training area with mechanical and logistical support from the 920th Forward Support Company. The 920th was augmented with mechanics from units throughout the state. 

The brigade used new technology to communicate with the firing batteries, and even an out of state unit, according to Maj. Tom Blackburn, Brigade communications officer, from Wellington, Colorado. 

"This AT we did something the brigade had never done before, and that was communicate over our tactical network to our battalions while in the field. We had comms with two battalions in the state, and one unit in Wisconsin," Blackburn explained. "It was hugely satisfying to accomplish this mission. The signal soldiers were committed to this exercise, and you could tell just by the amount of hours they dedicated to get everything working. It was amazing to watch."

Lt. Col. Fred Nasredine, of Cheyenne, who spent 75 percent of AT as the brigade's deputy commander, and finished as the new commander of the 2-300th, following a change of command ceremony, said planning for the exercise has been the brigade's focus for two years. 

"It validated our ability to provide mission command through the brigade's Army Battle Command Systems. We used a tactical simulation in the background as a vehicle to exercise our systems, and it came together very nice. For some of our young soldiers, this was the first time they were able to experience and be a part of what the field artillery brigade actually does. In the end, it was a great training event, and it will set us up for success as we progress on this readiness continuum." 

The brigade's supply non-commissioned officer, Master Sgt. Josh Phillips, from Laramie, was impressed with his troops too.

"The junior enlisted soldiers really stepped up, and did a lot of cross-training and learning new tasks," Phillips said. "Overall, it went really well. Setting up and utilizing the communications from Grey Rocks to the 2-300 up north was excellent, and so were the ranges." 

On another area of the North Training Area, infantrymen from C Company, 1st Battalion, 297th Infantry Regiment conducted the unit's first annual training period.

Most of the enlisted soldiers were finishing up reclassification school this time last year, after joining from other units, but a few had some infantry experience prior to the unit standing up. Unit leaders spent most of this first year planning for the two-week event. 

"We really dug into the books and relied heavily on the guys who have experience," said 2nd Lt. Eric Rush, a platoon leader from Arvada, Colorado, who like several of the young officers in the unit, is in line to attend infantry officer school at Fort Benning soon. 

Rush said the unit, stationed at Evanston and Afton, has drilled together at one or the other locations through the year, but was pleased to put the wide-ranging facilities of Guernsey to the test. 

"It was a different look for the guys," he said. "We have training areas, but the CONEX villages for urban operations and the training lanes we planned were really excellent up here."

Rush, like several other leaders in the unit, is impressed with the morale and motivation of the soldiers.

"The coolest thing about C Company is everyone wants to be here. It's the most motivated group of soldiers around," he said.

UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crews assigned to G Company 2nd Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment supported missions for both Recruiting and Retention Battalion and the infantry regiment.

The scenario of an urban operations training exercise, at a North Training Area CONEX village where soldiers can simulate clearing dwellings in a city, included two infantrymen getting shot, and subsequently needing medical evacuation-which G Co. promptly provided. 

They also transported dozens of educators from several areas of Wyoming, to spend a day with the Guard. The RRB-hosted event was designed to teach the teachers some of the benefits enlistment can provide to their students. 

Much of the 213th Regional Training Institute staff spent AT ensuring it was meeting and exceeding the standards set by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, whose quality assurance team was onsite inspecting the facility and staff. Others at the RTI were busy training future HIMARS operators and supporting their logistical needs. 

Many of the Training Center Command troops at Camp Guernsey completed AT in support of the visiting units. Helicopters and vehicles got fueled, grass got mowed, targets got repaired, food got issued to name but a few of the services the training site's soldiers provided to ensure everyone looks forward to doing it all again next summer.









MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017 – 5:30 P.M. 



NO OUTSIDE WATERING until further notice.  Due to warm temperatures and excessive snow pack melt the water treatment plant is having difficulty processing water.  It is mandatory that everyone conserve as much as possible until further notice. 


Box of hand grenades found buried near Jackson gun club

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — Construction workers in northwest Wyoming have uncovered a buried box of hand grenades.

Teton County Sgt. Todd Stanyon says one grenade detonated when the box was found about 2 p.m. Tuesday near the Jackson Hole Gun Club but no one was injured.

Stanyon said the box was buried a few feet underground at the foot of a large bush.

An explosive ordnance disposal team from Hill Air Force Base in Salt Lake City was called and disposed of the four or five grenades still in the box.

It's unknown who the bombs belong to or when the box was buried.


Wyoming DCI takes over Richardson missing persons case

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Agents with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation will take over a missing persons case at the request of the Casper Police Department.

Division of Criminal Investigation Deputy Director of Operations Frosty Williams said Monday the statewide law enforcement agency agreed to take the case of Kristi Richardson after Interim Police Chief Steve Schulz wrote a letter seeking the change.

Casper Police Sgt. Mike Ogden says the department wanted a new perspective on the case.

Richardson disappeared nearly three years ago. Her case remains unsolved despite her family offering a $250,000 reward.

Richardson's daughter reported the 61-year-old missing on Oct. 7, 2014, when Richardson didn't show up for work. Her home was found locked, with her purse and cellphone still inside.


Lawmakers weigh changes to boost program for at-risk teens

GUERNSEY, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming lawmakers will explore changes to the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy to bring school districts closer to the National Guard program that targets at-risk teens.

Though the number of cadets enrolling in the program has increased in recent years, the facility still has empty beds.

The program has four classes of 60 enrollees a year, with a goal of graduating 48 cadets per class.

The program accepts 16- to 18-year-old students who have dropped out of high school. The teens go through a five-and-a-half-month residency at the National Guard's Fort Guernsey facility, undergoing a regimen of physical fitness, education, citizenship and leadership.

After their residency, cadets work with a mentor for 12 months. The goal is for the cadets to complete their GED diploma.


Transformer stamp released by US Postal Service

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service has officially unveiled a first-of-its kind stamp that transforms with the touch of a finger and is dedicated to this summer's total solar eclipse.

The 49 cent stamp uses temperature-sensitive ink. When a person touches it, the body heat transforms the image of the blacked-out sun into the moon. Once the figure is removed, the eclipse reappears.

In addition, on the back of the sheet of stamps is a map of the eclipse's diagonal path across the U.S. on Aug. 21, when the moon comes between the sun and Earth.

It will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the contiguous United States since 1979 and the first one coast to coast since 1918.

Tuesday's ceremony was timed with the first day of summer.

Lander Police Calls for Tuesday 6/20/2017

8:29am -  Somebody called the cops because they saw a black dog running down the alley behind Clinchard St.

8:53am -  Somebody called to report credit card fraud.

11:24am -  A disabled woman was given a ride home from the Post Office.

11:31am -  A civil standby was given as requested for child exchange at an address on Adams St.

12:08pm -  Police gave advise to a business owner on S. 3rd about a man who keeps hanging around their business making staff feel uncomfortable.

12:23pm -  Neighbors were fighting in the 400 block of N. 3rd.  Verbal only, subject left after officers arrived.

12:56pm – A 10 year old girl, seeking medical at one of the clinics, was bitten by her uncles dog in Riverton two days ago.  RPD advised. 

2:09pm -  3 and 4 year old kids showed up in a residents back yard in the 100 block of Sweetwater St. and vandalized property.  Police contacted their parents and warned them.

4:04pm -  A tree fell in the 800 block of Garfield and hit a power line.  LVFD responded, Power company handled.

4:47pm -  An electrical hazard was reported in the 200 block of S. 5th.  LVFD responded.

5:50pm -  Somebody called the cops to complain that people were driving fast in the 100 block and Main and harassing him.

5:58pm -  Police impounded a found Red Mongoose bicycle.  It was found in an alley behind Lincoln St. in the 800 block.

4:40am 6/21 -  Construction crews at McDonalds were told to stop using their Jack Hammers and to wait until a more decent hour to begin work.  Complaints from the Motel next to McDonalds were received.

6:42am 6/21 – A found coat on Table Mountain Rd. was returned to its owner.


Fremont County Sheriff Calls from Tuesday 6/21/2017

Arrests:  Samantha Vigil, 24 of Riverton – Contempt of Court


8:40am -  Somebody found some keys to a Toyota and gave it to deputies.

10:12am -  Somebody called to complain a motorcycle near Moneta on Hwy 20 would not let them pass. 

10:34am -  A vehicle crash was reported on Blue Sky Hwy.  Unknown nature of crash or injuries.  WHP.

11:03am -  A white car was reported to have rolled over near Shoshoni.  WHP.

11:33am -  Somebody found a wallet on Hwy 26 near Dubois.

11:55am -  Somebody called to complain that two bicyclists were riding side by side in the lane of travel on South Pass/Hwy 28 at Mile post 55.

12:29pm -  A resident called from Hwy 789 near Lander complaining their landlord was harassing them.

12:36pm -  An accident was reported near Kinnear.  WHP.

1:49pm -  A tan dog was reported to be running in traffic in downtown Dubois.

3:14pm -  A resident on Buckaroo Ln. near Riverton called to complain there was a pile of cigarettes in their driveway.

3:51pm -  A resident on Hutchinson Rd. reported a tree blew down into a power pole.  Grass and tree were on fire.  High Plains Power responded.

3:53pm -  A subject at the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office in Riverton tested positive for THC.  Bond violation.  No names were given.

3:59pm -  Somebody from Cozy Ct. called to complain their speaker was stolen.

4:09pm -  A 16 year old boy and girl were floating on tubes at Boysen Lake when high winds came up and blew them way out in the middle.  A Fremont County Fire District Member used his boat to retrieve the two without incident.  Fremont County Search and Rescue were also called, but told to disregard after the heroic rescue by the firemen.

4:22pm -  A large tree blew down on Illinois Ave. in Hudson.

5:34pm -  Somebody got stuck in a snow drift on Union Pass, but didn’t need deputies assistance.  

5:35pm – A resident on E. Monroe called to complain that a resident in Cozy Ct. was harassing them.

6:04pm – A REDDI report was received from Hwy 789 MP 97 near Riverton.

11:47pm -  A resident from Cozy Ct. reported a burglary from his home.

12:18am -  A woman called from Rendezvous Rd saying she could hear something outside.

Fremont County Ambulances were called 23 times.

Dubois Fire monitored a controlled burn.

Lander Rural Fire responded to a grass fire on Deer Valley Dr. near Lander around 11am

Morton Kinnear Fire responded to an accident on Blue Sky Hwy around 10:35am.

Shoshoni Fire Department responded to an accident on Hwy 20 around 11am and rescued two teens from Boysen Lake around 4pm.

Jeffrey City Fire responded to an accident on Hwy 20 near Shoshoni around 11am.

Lander Volunteer Firement responded to Electrical Hazards yesterday afternoon.  Two on Garfield, One on S. 5th, and one on S. 4th, and a fire alarm on Fremont St.

Riverton Fire responded to wires down on Hutchinson Rd. 

Veterans assistance in Teton, Uinta and Fremont counties

CHEYENNE, Wyo. ? A state of Wyoming veterans service officer from the Wyoming Veterans Commission will conduct community outreach services in Wyoming cities throughout July. 

Lori Crump is available to meet with veterans and their families to discuss state and federal veterans’ benefits, Department of Veterans Affairs claims, or VA healthcare. Crump can also help veterans and their families apply for benefits, file claims or request healthcare. 

Her office is located at 324 E. Washington Ave., in Riverton, and she will also be available at the following locations: 

Lander: July 17, at Lander City Hall, 240 Lincoln St., from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Dubois: July 20, at the High Country Senior Center, 504 Hays St., from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 

Jackson: July 21, at the Jackson Workforce Center, 155 W. Gill Ave., 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 

Riverton: Most other weekdays by appointment at 324 E. Washington Ave. 

Outreach may be scheduled in Lander, Riverton, Dubois, Jackson, Evanston and all other Fremont, Teton and Uinta County communities by appointment. 

During periods of inclement weather, please check with the staff at the outreach locations to ensure the veterans service officer will be available. Please call 307-438-2101 to schedule an appointment.

Wind River Visions: Saloons, Bars & Breweries Exhibit on Display at the Pioneer Museum

(LANDER, Wyo.)  "Wind River Visions" is the traveling exhibit program from Fremont County Museums.  The Dubois Museum, the Pioneer Museum and the Riverton Museum collaborate on the Wind River Visions program, which identifies significant themes in the Wind River Area and creates a photo exhibit to interpret those aspects of our shared history and culture.

The second exhibit in the Wind River Visions series is titled, "Saloons, Bars & Breweries" has been installed at the Pioneer Museum in Lander and will remain on exhibit through July before moving to the Dubois Museum for six weeks. After having been exhibited at all three Fremont County Museums it will be made available to other institutions. 

Wind River Visions: Saloons, Bars & Breweries contains 22 panels featuring historic photographs, historic advertisements and photos of historic artifacts and interpretation. 

Scott Goetz, Fremont County Museum Central Director said, "The new traveling exhibit has been very well received at the Riverton Museum.  Visitors have really been enjoying it.  It is a fun exhibit that seams to strike a cord with visitors.  The Wind River Visions program has been a great way for the museums to collaborate and provide an opportunity for visitors to see important and fun parts of our shared history and to see how connected we actually are as communities." 

The Fremont County Museum's first traveling exhibit Wind River Visions: Ancient Images of the Wind River Country is now on display at the Fremont County Riverton Branch Library. This exhibit focuses on petroglyphs that are located within Fremont County, extending from the Dubois area, Sinks Canyon above Lander, and around Riverton, along the Wind River into Castle Gardens.

High water continues to affect Grand Teton National Park

MOOSE, WY- The Gros Ventre  and the Moose-Wilson Roads have been affected by the recent precipitation, as well as continued snow melt due to warmer temperatures.  Park crews were able to complete minor repairs to a culvert on the Moose-Wilson Road today and the road is open.  Plans continue for implementation of an alternating one-lane of traffic on the Gros Ventre Road as conditions allow.  

Grand Teton National Park Superintendent David Vela said, "Public and employee safety is our ongoing priority in light of the impacts from high water across the park.  The historic high snow pack is continuing to melt and our intent is to respond to the impacts as safely and quickly as we can, while being thoughtful about our actions." 

On Sunday evening park rangers observed some damage to the structure around two side-by-side culverts on the unpaved section of the Moose-Wilson Road located approximately one mile south of the entrance to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve.  A significant amount of water and turbulence was eroding the material between the culverts and threatening the roadway.  The area of damage on the narrow two-lane road was identified with barrier cones and logs Sunday evening.   This morning park crews were able to access and remedy the situation.   

Early this morning as park crews were monitoring the Gros Ventre Road, a section of asphalt was found to be eroded in the area of the river erosion that has closed the road since June 6.  In consultation with geotechnical engineers and other subject-matter experts, it is anticipated that an alternating one-lane of traffic in the affected area can be safely and efficiently managed in the near future.  It would include an automated traffic signal which will alternate east-bound and west-bound one-way traffic.  Implementation would be by the end of June, but may be later if conditions change.  

The park will host a public open house to share information about the Gros Ventre Road and planned actions and strategies to provide one-lane of traffic, as well as subsequent stabilization efforts and long-term repairs on the river bank.     The public is invited to join National Park Service employees on Tuesday, June 20, anytime between 5-6:30 p.m. at the Kelly School in Kelly, Wyoming.  

Water levels are anticipated to remain high and for flows to increase this week with warmer temperatures forecasted.  Superintendent Vela said, "The Gros Ventre Road is a vital transportation route and the Moose-Wilson Corridor is a destination experience, and we understand the value that both roads offer, but safety will not be compromised."   

The Gros Ventre/Kelly Road is located along and near the Gros Ventre River near the southern boundary of Grand Teton National Park.  Approximately 4.5 miles of the road is closed from the Gros Ventre Junction with US Highway 26/89/191 to the Gros Ventre Campground due to significant erosion along the Gros Ventre River and road damage.   Currently, traffic to the community of Kelly and the Gros Ventre Campground, as well as other locations in the area, is rerouted via Antelope Flats Road.  All detours are signed along the roadways.  

More than 35 feet of the riverbank has eroded this spring due to substantial water runoff.    The eroded river bank is immediately adjacent to a section of the road, located approximately two miles east of the Gros Ventre Junction. The National Park Service installed streambank armoring at this location to avert this from occurring in the past, however, the dynamic and braided nature of the river course changed quickly and dramatically this spring.   Monitoring of the area will continue.  According to data from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the snowpack in the Gros Ventre Range and other areas that melt into the Gros Ventre River System received the highest amount of precipitation this year compared to the last 36 years.  

The Gros Ventre Campground is open and available for first-come, first-served overnight camping.  During the road closure, access to the campground is via the Antelope Flats Road, which is approximately ½ mile north of Moose Junction.   The Antelope Flats Road provides access to Mormon Row as well.  There is no through vehicle traffic on Mormon Row or Warm Ditch Roads, although, bicycles are allowed.  



Wyoming accident claims 5 lives, 4 from Colorado

BAGGS, Wyo. (AP) — A SUV crossed the center line of a highway in south-central Wyoming and collided with a pickup truck, killing four members of a Colorado family and another person.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol said Monday the accident occurred about 2:50 p.m. Friday on Wyoming 789, 22 miles north of Baggs.

The patrol says a northbound 2010 Nissan Armada driven by 44-year-old Heather White, of Peyton, Colorado, collided head-on with a 2008 Chevrolet pickup pulling a trailer. Both vehicles caught fire.

White and her three children, aged 12, 15 and 16, died at the scene.

The pickup driver, 27-year-old Eric Hagen, of Casper, was pulled from the burning vehicle by others and was being treated at a Denver hospital. His passenger, 28-year-old Katie O'Keefe, of Casper, died.

The accident is under investigation.


Trump portrait to go back up in Wyoming town hall

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — A portrait of President Donald Trump will be hanging once again in the Jackson Town Hall in northwest Wyoming.

The Jackson Town Council voted 3-2 Monday for a resolution directing that portraits of the U.S. president and the Wyoming governor be hung in the Town Hall.

The action came after a furor was raised when Jackson Mayor Pete Muldoon removed portraits of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. When Muldoon first decided to remove the portraits, he criticized Trump's policies and said it would send the wrong message to honor Trump. He later clarified that the president was too divisive.

After apologizing for how he handled the situation, Muldoon cast one of the two votes against the resolution Monday.


Highway closed by water in central Wyoming reopens

RIVERTON, Wyo. (AP) — U.S. 26 has reopened in central Wyoming after being closed since last weekend because of flooding along the Wind River in Fremont County.

All major roads are now open in Fremont County although rivers continue to run high from recent rain and runoff from the melting mountain snowpack.

Flood warnings continued Tuesday for Wind and Little Wind rivers in Fremont County as well as the South Fork of the Shoshone River in Park County and the Green and New Fork rivers in Sublette and Lincoln counties.

Grand Teton National Park officials report that high water has caused erosion problems on some roads. The National Park Service is making repairs where it can and monitoring the situation for public safety.


Limestone Road opens; caution advised in meadows 

(LANDER, Wyo.)  The Washakie Ranger District of Shoshone National Forest has opened Limestone Road, (FSR 326).

With the opening of Limestone Road, a larger system of Forest Service roads are now open on the Washakie Ranger District.

The road to Wolf Point remains impassable three miles past its junction with FSR 352.

District Ranger Steve Schacht reminds forest visitors to “be cautious when attempting to cross streams and ensure you take the time to assess road conditions, using extra care when traveling through open meadows.”


NASA engineer Michael Rondot presenting Friday 6 pm LVHS auditorium

(LANDER, Wyo.)  This Friday (June 23, 2017) at 6 pm in the LVHS auditorium, the next LVHS Astronomy Club sponsored guest presentation will take place.

The guest presenter is former NASA engineer Michael Rondot.  He is the dad of one of the club members, and is very generous in sharing his expertise and time. 

This is a repeat presentation on his career with NASA, followed by what NASA is up to along the lines of getting people to Mars.

The event starts at LVHS in Lander this Friday night at 6pm.


Jobless rate down to 4.1 percent in May in Wyoming

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming's unemployment rate has fallen to 4.1 percent.

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says the rate in May was down from April's 4.3 percent.

The agency noted that Wyoming's labor force decreased by about 3,000 individuals from a year ago, suggesting that the decline was at least partially related to unemployed individuals leaving the state or dropping out of the labor force.

Unemployment rates fell in May in 16 counties, rose slightly in four counties and were unchanged in three.

Niobrara County posted the lowest unemployment rate in May at 2.7 percent. It was followed by Goshen and Albany counties at 2.8 percent and Platte County at 3.4 percent. The highest rates were found in Natrona County at 5.4 percent, Fremont at 5.3 percent and Campbell at 5.1 percent.


Wyoming Conservation Corps Tackles Summer Projects

(LANDER, Wyo.)  Wyoming Conservation Corps (WCC) members Chris Folsom and Lola Philips work on the Casper Rotary Club Park trail on Casper Mountain, one of the first WCC projects of this summer.

Projects ranging from building trails in the Shoshone and Bridger-Teton national forests in northwest Wyoming to building a yurt at Glendo State Park will be conducted this summer by members of the Wyoming Conservation Corps (WCC).

University of Wyoming students will gain valuable experience while developing leadership and outdoor skills on 24 projects, including trail maintenance and construction, fencing, boundary signs, noxious weed removal, beetle kill mitigation, tree planting, historic preservation and fuels reduction.

Administered by Residence Life and Dining Services in UW’s Division of Student Affairs, WCC is a grant-supported program that engages students in conservation-based projects throughout the state, says Program Director Patrick Harrington.

Additionally, for the first time this year, the WCC includes a Wyoming Veterans Trail Crew (WyVTC), funded by Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources, Serve Wyoming, the Recreation Trails Program and Rocky Mountain Power. The crew -- composed of military veterans -- is involved in flagging new trails, digging in trail tread, constructing stone staircases, building turns for mountain bike trails, constructing bridges and using chainsaws to remove hazard trees.


Injured Australian bull rider showing some improvement

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — An Australian bull rider who was severely injured after being stepped on by a bull during the College National Finals Rodeo in Wyoming has been showing signs of improvement.

On Monday, Bradie Gray gave a thumbs up sign to his parents.

However, Gray remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit at Wyoming Medical Center in Casper.

A member of the Odessa College rodeo team, Gray was injured after being stepped on by a bull during Thursday's competition. He suffered broken ribs, a torn aorta and collapsed lungs.

Odessa coach C.J. Aragon tells the Casper Star-Tribune that the Hallsville, Australia, native is making small improvements.

A post on the team's Facebook page says Gray gave his parents a thumbs up sign and is trying to communicate by writing.

Lander Police Calls from Monday 6/19/2017

Around 7am in the 400 block of Washington St., police had to tell a rooster to stop being so loud when it crows, plus they also warned the owner.

Around 11:20am, a resident on Washakie St. called the cops because they saw a person dressed all in black.  Police contacted the person and everything was fine.

Around 11:40 a yellow lab was impounded from the 100 blk. of Main.

Around 1:30, 70 year old Richard Kingston of Lander was cited for peace disturbance after he threatened a Taco Johns employee.

At 4:22pm, a theft was reported.  Somebody sold some binoculars online.  Police are investigating.

Around 8:40pm, somebody at city park called the cops because they thought they were being stalked.  Police said their concern was unfounded.


Fremont County Sheriff Calls from Monday 6/19/2017

Arrests:  A 17 year old St. Stephens female arrested for underage consumption of alcohol and failure to appear.


7:55am – Somebody reported cows on Green St. near Riverton.

9am – Deputies performed a welfare ck at an address on Hwy 26 near Riverton on an employee who hadn’t been heard from since Friday night.  He was ok.

12:07pm – A small child was reported to be on the highway at Jeffrey City.

1:15pm -  A woman called and said her husband is holding her prisoner at their home in Sinks Canyon.  The call was unfounded.

2pm.  A mother called to report her son was drinking at Lander City Park while on probation.

2:51pm – A student (?) on Twin Creek Rd. near Lander was bitten by a rattle snake and EMS was called.

4:11pm -  A male resident of Atlantic City was reported to be drinking and shooting cannons and people were worried.  Deputies showed up and the following is their report:  “Several people were concerned about several explosions on private property.  The property owner met with the concerned citizens and explained he was attempting to destroy a beaver dam that was causing damage to his property.  The community and the individual came to an understanding”.

5:10pm -  Somebody called the cops to inform them that somebody drives around Hudson intoxicated.  Names were redacted from the report and the report itself was from an anonymous person.

6:51pm -  A suicide was reported in Pavillion.

12:17am -  A woman was in a residents yard on E. Monroe being disorderly. 

Fremont County Ambulances were called out 15 times.

The Fremont County Coroner once to Pavillion.

Riverton Fire at 5:30pm for a fire at 1585 Gannet Dr.

6/19/2017 - WYDOT reopens US 26 and Wyoming 132 after flood waters subside

Wyoming Department of Transportation officials reopened US 26 and Wyoming 132 Monday afternoon after flood waters receded.

"We believe we're in pretty good shape with the receding flood waters," said WYDOT District Engineer Pete Hallsten of Basin. "We are seeing several areas on each highway, near bridges, where this spring's flood waters seem to be wanting to flow in new areas and create new channels which may have long-term impacts on a handful of highway bridges."

WYDOT closed Wyoming 132 early Monday, about 20 miles west of Riverton. Officials closed US 26, 30 miles west of Riverton on Saturday night.

“There was an intense, long rainstorm that started Friday night and lasted around 10 hours in the area of Pinedale, Union Pass and Dubois that may have impacted river flows,” Hallsten said.

WYDOT began removing barricades on Wyoming 132 and US 26 Monday about 1 p.m..

"We appreciate everyone's patience during this lengthy period of wet spring weather and higher-than-normal snow depths," Hallsten said.

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